Why Isn’t Anyone Talking about the Positive Effects of Opiods?

For past few years we are getting more news than before regarding opiods abuse, deaths, overdose, horrible stories of withdrawals etc. Even doctors aren’t supportive with opiods now. On other end Social Media has a flow of promoting Medical Marjuana, CBD oil etc and degrading Opiods. Seems a complete online and offline undeclared war against Opiods which is causing a lot trouble for Legitimate Chronic pain patients.

It’s no doubt a fact that there are people who do overdose and abuse drugs. Who actually don’t need prescriptions and they lie with their doctors.

But on other end there are hundreds of success stories of positive effects of opiods on Chronic Pain patients and ironically no one speaks about that or afraid to share words on that.


We here like to share our views on problems of Chronic Pain patients and give our support to them. We feel really bad when people treat chronic pain patients as drug addicts.

We believe that the correct use of Opioids with Pain Management can be of great benefit to Pain Sufferers but there are many side effects and downsides to the use of Opiods, including dependence, addiction and they can cause additional Health Problems.

Since 2010, Drug Companies have been selling Opiods to Doctors and Hospitals, initially stating medications such as OxyContin is less addictive and easier to come off with no withdrawal. However, over time Doctors found these types of drugs to be more addictive and cause withdrawal than the Drug Companies Claimed. Overall, there are many people who abuse Prescription drugs but those that are addicted are completely different to those who are dependant on those medications.

In many Chronic Pain Sufferers Opiods drugs are the only way they can get through the day and do certain activities and these drugs are of great benefit to those people. However, it is a balancing act as your body does become dependant on the medication and you can have quite severe withdrawal effects. People also tend to become accustomed to the dose they are on and thus they have to increase their dose to get the same effect on the same medication as their body’s tolerance to the drug changes over time.

We believe that medication used properly and supervised by doctors can be of great benefit and can help people with pain live a better quality of life. However, in the media there are always stories of people dying to improper use of these drugs so you are more likely to hear about the negative effects of these drugs in the Media as opposed to the Positive and Beneficial effects many Pain Sufferers can achieve. There are always positive and negatives when taking medication so making sure of all the details and outcomes before taking this type of medication can help.

Many people also are quite judgmental of people on these types of medications even when they are being prescribed by a doctor for legitimate and medical reasons. Also if you are on these types of medications in the UK or USA you need to have your repeat prescription slips with you if you drive in particular because the Law regarding driving whilst being on these types of medication has changed.