How opioids crisis is creating crisis for chronic pain patients.

Chronic pain is one of the most dangerous diseases over the globe, when the person suffering from chronic pain it’s so difficult to live like a normal man, chronic pain is one of most dangerous pain over the globe, In US more than 3 million cases detected per year, sleep can have a huge impact on chronic pain syndrome this can make it really hard to fall asleep or a good restful sleep in chronic pain the patients only wants to be pain-free and opioid is the best medication for them.

President trump recently said that he intends to declare the opioid crisis a national emergency. If he makes good on that promise, it will be the country’s first official state of emergency for a drug epidemic. That designation would make more federal funding available for curbing the crisis, and likely result in stricter limitations on new and existing opioid prescriptions.

But what about chronic pain patients? Opioid prescriptions have dropped sharply since 2012 as doctors have grown more conservative and the federal government has cracked down on what it deems “problematic prescribing.” But some chronic pain patients say the turnabout has gone too far.

They describe unwarranted dosage cuts from doctors and unprovoked suspicion from neighborhood pharmacists. And even those who have good relationships with their health care providers say they feel more and more that society views them as junkies, not patients.

Nationwide, more than 100 million people suffer from chronic pain, which has been traditionally treated with opioid prescriptions. Chronic pain becomes more common as people age, partially because health problems that can cause pain, such as osteoarthritis, come with age.

It’s better to deal with opioids instead dealing with chronic pain, There’s a lot of patients who really suffering from chronic pain never went in for early refills, never asked for a dose increase, never went to the ER, never got prescriptions from multiple doctors, followed all the rules. They need opioids to treat their pain.